Rebar Anticorrosive Treatment & Coatings

PROTMAX- Anticorrosive Treatment - Inhibited Cement Slurry Coating (CECRI) IS:9077-1979


PROTMAX – Anticorrosive Treatment process involves complete removal of rust from the rods by dipping the steel bars in Derusting Solution and application of protective coatings as per recommended procedure of IS:9077-1979.

This Inhibited Cement Slurry Coating type Anticorrosive treatment process should be carried out at project site after cutting and bending of steel rods. The treatment develops a properly bonding inhibited and Sealed Anticorrosive Slurry Coating which ensures high alkalinity and chloride free environment around the rod surface.

Products involved in the treatment process are PROTMAX-DRH De-rusting Solution Patent No. 465/Cal/75, PROTMAX-BP Barkleen Powder (Alkaline), PROTMAX-PJ Phosphating Jelly Patent No. 109897, PROTMAX-ICS Inhibitor Solution Patent No. 109784/67 & PROTMAX-SS Sealing Solution Patent No. 112440/67.

Protektol Anticorrosive are authorized Licensee of CECRI ( Central Electro Chemical Research Institute – a premier research institution of Govt. of India /CSIR ) since 1989.  

Inhibitor Solution
Patent No. 109784/67 - CECRI

PROTMAX-ICS Inhibitor Solution Patent # 109784/67 is used for preparing Corrosion Inhibition Coating for application on steel rebars. In truncated Inhibited Cement Slurry Coating requirements the rebars shall be cleaned manually and 2 coats of PROTMAX-ICS Inhibitor Solution mixed Cement Slurry to be applied. 

Pro-CPCC Cement Polymer Composite Coating for rebars (CECRI)
for on-site corrosion protective coating for steel rebars


CPCC process involves cleaning of the steel reinforcement rods and application of one coat of Pro-CPCC Rapid Setting Primer and after curing for 30 minutes application of Pro-CPCC Sealing Coat. The coated rods can be handled after 6 hours of application.

CPCC can be done easily at project site itself. The coating has excellent corrosion resistance and highly recommended for corrosion protection of steel reinforcement bars in Aggressive corrosive environments.

Products involved in CPCC Coating are Pro-CPCC PRIMER -Rapid setting Primer Patent No. 481/Del/93 and Pro-CPCC SEALER – Cement Polymer Sealing Patent No. 259/Del/92.

Protektol Anticorrosive are authorized Licensee of CECRI ( Central Electro Chemical Research Institute – a premier research institution of Govt. of India /CSIR )

COROLOK - Anticorrosive Coating for rebars

This process involves removal of rust and scales from the steel rebars by hard wire brush cleaning or blasting and application of COROLOK-CP coatings by brushing or dipping.

COROLOK Anticorrosive coating has excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion and impact. Beside providing corrosion protection the coating improves the bond strength between steel and concrete.

COROLOK Coating can be carried out at construction sites after cuting and bending of steel reinforcement rods. No special facilities are required to carry out the coating.

The coating is fast curing and coated rods can be handled within three to four hours of application of coating. The total duration for completing the coating process including drying time will be 4 to 6 hours. Because of its high impact strength the coating withstands practical handling stresses at site .